In today’s busy economy, many companies try to find ways to keep their valued employees and avoid absences. Most companies today work with fewer employees, trying to save costs and as a result these employees find themselves working more hours.

Because of this reason these valued employees find they are working more hours, and find they have less time during the day to take care of their personal errands and responsibilities.

Studies show that 75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while at work.
By providing a concierge service for your staff and executives you can demonstrate your commitment to the people that contribute to the success of your business.
Provide a work/life benefit that creates balance for your employees and executives, therefore allowing for increased focus on their work.


Grocery and other shopping:
– General Errands
– Dry Cleaning, Post Office, UPS, FedEx drop off and pick up

Shuttle Services:
– To and from appointments
– Pharmacy – pick up prescriptions and drugstore items
– Take loved ones to their appointments

While your away Service:
– Check in on your home — water plants and other needs while you are traveling
– Gift ideas, shopping, wrapping, delivery and/or shipping
– Gift return or exchange
– Schedule Auto Detailing and Washes, Maintenance Check-ups
– Address And mail Invitations, Holiday Cards

Schedule appointments:
– Spa, salon and more, as well as transportation to and from if needed
– Take kids to activities

Office Support and Organization:
– Courier Service
– Internet research
– Pick up of lunches for you and the office.


5 hour package: $200
10 hour package: $300
20 hour package: $540 (introductory deal: $500)

Hourly rate: $35/hr with a one hour minimum.

Additional time billed in 1 hour increments.

Annual membership fees are available based on your needs.

Customer loyalty program: If a client is happy with my service, I will continue to offer special pricing on my hourly and package rates.

If staff needs the same errands run, I can combine client services and share time and fees where applicable.